Loom knit and Beaded things

Loom knit and Beaded things
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hawaii moving date set, Pahoa, Leilani Estates in the future!

Winter is still happening here in Philadelphia, PA, but my one way ticket to Hilo has been purchased and notice given at the job!
Still not sure how it all can be moved and fit in a container. My Richie says he can make it all fit in a 20 foot container, his audio studio, and mine, loom knitting machines, too much yarn, projects.
All the furniture is pretty much gone. Donated, tossed and left behind in the old house. Emptying out a 5 bedroom 3 floor brownstone was a challenge and I was worried for weeks after that the buyer would call and tell us we had some more things to take out. Like the giant tv, big and square and heavy, stuck on the second floor. Antique cabinets that were there when we moved in.
But they tore the place up and are, hopefully, restoring it to its historic glory.
But the new place near Leilani is gorgeous! It is weird that it has carpet in such a tropical and damp climate but we can deal with that later. I already know where I want my studio, a room where I can close the door and leave the mess behind. And I am sure some other rooms will be invaded by projects, beads and yarn.
I was going to put some things on Etsy for Valentines, but alas, it did not happen since I lost some parts to my Foldio lightbox, the back drops mainly. Maybe next year, and love and hearts are always in style, right? :)

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